Lawyer We at Helplinelaw.com are constantly endeavoring to make the understanding of law as simple as uncomplicated as possible. Pursuing the thinking we have compiled laws from various countries in a simple and easy to understand format in the following category.


    1. Business & Commercial laws
      of the country and state, if applicable, formation of business,Incorporation of company, Investment procedures,Intellectual property rights like trademarks,copyrights, patents etc.
    2. Government Agencial & Taxation laws
      of the country and state,if applicable.
    3. Family laws
      of the country and state, if applicable, Marrige, Divorce, Registration, Marriage with foreigner, Adoption, Child custody etc.
    4. Real estate, Wills & Trust laws
      of the country and state, if applicable, Sale and purchase of property, Probate, Registration, Eligibility to purchase property.
    5. Employment, Criminal and Labor
      Minimim wages, Benefits, Working condition, Arrest, Bail, Crimes, Punishment, Work permit.
    6. Immigration, Appeal & Other
      Visas, Citizenship, Immigration, Appeals, Consumer laws, Arbitration, Judicial system.
    7. Acts, Statutes & Law
      Text of all Acts, Statutes & Constitution available

    Of course, our efforts are limited and will constantly be expanding with time.

    We have put together the relevant laws in each country as listed below. These would be expanded and more areas will be covered with time. Please choose the country where you need to research a law or act below:

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